Biomimicry for Optimization, Control, and Automation

Springer-Verlag, London, UK, 2005

by: Kevin M. Passino


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Table of Contents:


Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Challenges in Computer Control and Automation
Chapter 2: Scientific Foundations for Biomimicry
Chapter 3: For Further Study

Part II: Elements of Decision Making

Chapter 4: Neural Network Substrates for Control Instincts
Chapter 5: Rule-Based Control
Chapter 6: Planning Systems
Chapter 7: Attentional Systems
Chapter 8: For Further Study

Part III: Learning

Chapter 9: Learning and Control
Chapter 10: Linear Least Squares Methods
Chapter 11: Gradient Methods
Chapter 12: Adaptive Control
Chapter 13: For Further Study

Part IV: Evolution

Chapter 14: The Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 15: Stochastic and Nongradient Optimization for Design
Chapter 16: Evolution and Learning: Synergistic Effects
Chapter 17: For Further Study

Part V: Foraging

Chapter 18: Cooperative Foraging and Search
Chapter 19: Competitive and Intelligent Foraging
Chapter 20: For Further Study


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